Compositing Plus


When you look at commercial entertainment videos- be it music videos, movies, or any other videos- the thing that is outstanding is how seamlessly they are merged.

If you want to learn how to compile all the tiny elements of a visual set and apply them to make amazing movies, you must join the compositing plus course at MAAC Gurgaon. In this course, MAAC Gurgaon will teach you how to combine all the given visual elements- effects, videos, etc- together and create a seamless scene just the way you see in a film. For all this, your skills related to digital design, rotoscope handling, match moving and camera tracking will be brushed up.

The compositing plus course at MAAC Gurgaon will train you to work on different apps like Mocha, Adobe Photoshop, final cut Pro and many others.

Course duration:

288 hours*

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