Advanced Compositing


Movie making or for that matter any kind of digital compilation including video game graphics is not achieved by only one software. There is much software involved in the process and this is where advanced compositing comes into place.

MAAC Gurugram offers you a short-term advanced composite course that will help you to learn to handle different software involved in filmmaking so that you can condense all of them to make a particular motion picture stand out.

You will be trained in the fields like Rotoscopy, three-dimensional camera projection, and live-action compositing. The software that will be majorly covered in this course offered by MAAC Gurugram is software like nuke, mocha, and silhouette. MAAC Gurugram ensures that you get enough practical experience so that you can put the skills you have learned to use!

advanced compositing course gurgaon

Course duration:

72 hours*

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