DAFM - Program in Animation Filmmaking


Animation filmmaking is not just about designing characters and making them move. It requires a lot of planning even before you can actually begin to think about implementation. This is because every single movement expression and character has to be dictated and you have to plan about how you are going to implement it by means of technology.

To teach you all this, MAAC Gurugram brings to you the DAFM program in animation filmmaking. This course is inclusive of all creative and technical aspects of animation filmmaking to ensure a wholesome skill set to help you animate the best films. After the completion of this course, you will have in you all it takes to be a professional animation filmmaker to either set up your own animation studio or work for your favorites.

Course duration:

288 hours*

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Learn all about animation and the process of live action filmmaking in just a year and be rewarded with a successful career. MAAC's DAFM course focuses on storyboarding, cinematography, character design, modeling, texturing, lighting, 3D animation and more.

Our certified trainers, along with our industry-relevant teaching methods, dynamic curriculum and studio-like atmosphere, provides you a stimulating environment. We foster your imagination and give you the skills needed to achieve a well-paying, successful career in this exciting world of animation.

Exciting career opportunities await you.  

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