D3D - Program in 3D Animation Filmmaking


There was a time when animation was a tedious process that was accompanied by a lot of boredom and hard work. These days, due to technological advancements, animation has become a more versatile, easier, and more fun-filled activity. Recently, the most exciting kind of animation that has shaken the animation industry is three-dimensional animation.

If you have the right skill set, you can make wonders with your three-dimensional animation techniques. You need to do to inculcate the skill set is to join the d3d program in 3D animation film making by MAAC Gurugram. Once you roll into this course, you will be able to do everything from animating a scene to animating the character and executing a full film on your own.

Course duration:

408 hours*

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Have you ever wondered how animated films are made? From Coco to Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, every movie has various elements including characters, lighting, audio, backgrounds and so on. Studios like Disney and Pixar have 500 or more creative people working on a feature length movie for three to four years. So, how do they do it?

It is a mix of imagination, creativity & technology. With MAAC's 3D Animation Film making course, a career course in 3D animation filmmaking, you will learn all the creative aspects of animation like pre-production, storyboarding, filmmaking and character animation. 3D animation course prepares you to enter the professional world of 3D animation by providing you with extensive classroom and practical training, latest software and portfolio development.

Exciting career opportunities await you.  

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